Multiple Payments Instructions


Overview: This Help document provides instructions for attaching tickets for two or more Web applications into one total bill, payable in one lump sum.

Table of Contents

  1. Multiple Payments

  2. Why Is My E-mail Address Needed?

  3. How Do I Make Multiple Payments?

Multiple Payments


Each Web option allows multiple tickets to be paid within the application using the "Add Another Bill" feature. However, tickets within separate applications (such as Real Estate and Personal Property) can also be combined and paid at one time.


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Why Is My E-mail Address Needed?


Your e-mail address is a unique identifier used to combine all your tickets marked for payment into one lump sum.


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How Do I Make Multiple Payments?


When the Checkout screen is reached, click on another application (using links on the left side). Proceed normally. The Summary screen now shows tickets from both applications and a Total Amount Due. You can add as many tickets from as many options as desired using this method, and then pay everything at once. Applications use the e-mail address entered earlier to lump tickets together.


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Version: 092817-1115