Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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November 2016 County Administrator issues budget call.
December 22, 2016 Departments submit operating revenue and expenditure estimate to Finance Director.
January 2017 Finance Director - consolidates estimates and enters into system.
Finance Director and County Administrator conduct executive review of estimates.
January 16th - 31st Budget Workshops with Departments
February 7th 2:00 PM; Regular BOS Meeting - Budget work session- Revenue Forecast
Major Stakeholders Budget Reviews: with Board of Supervisors.
February 16th 1:30pm DHS
1:45pm CSA
2:00pm Outside Agencies
February 23rd 9:00am Commissioner of Revenue
9:15am Treasurer
9:30am Clerk of the Circuit Court
9:45am C/W Attorney
10:00am Registrar/Electoral Board
10:15am Library
10:30am Parks and Recreation/Community Complex
11:00am Enviromental Services
11:30am Airport
1:30pm Sheriff
2:00pm EMS
2:30pm E911
3:00pm F&RA
3:30pm Criminal Justice Services/Pre-trial           
March 7th

2:00pm Regular BOS Meeting: Budget Work Session

Update: Revenues; outside agencies, CIP

March 15th 5:00pm Schools
April 4th 2:00pm Regular BOS Meeting - Budget Work Session - Request to advertise
April 11th 7:00pm Possible Public Hearing on Reassessment Effect on Tax Rate
April 18th 7:00pm Public Hearing on the Budget
May 2nd 10:00am Board sets the tax rate; adopts the budget; appropriates funds; adopts CIP.